Have you ever wanted to have the State by State Update in an electronic form?  Well now you can.  Introducing the all new 2014 Pilot/Escort U.S. and Canada Reference Manual.  If you go to the Amazon Kindle Book Store, you will be able to purchase and download the book into your Android, I phone, Nook, Kindle, or Blackberry device and view it with you on the road.  This is something that will be updated every 6 months.  If you want to still have the traditional paper book, don’t worry, we will still offer it for sale.   Both the electronic version and the paper version have the same information, but now you have a choice.

We do hope you will enjoy this new option for not only the ease and convenience, but also for the cost savings.   Click on the one you want and we will either ship the book to you or if you buy the kindle version, you can have it instantly downloaded to your device.  All you need for the Kindle version is the free Kindle software available at the app store.