Colorado Pilot/Escort and Flagger Certification

Where is Colorado Certification accepted?
Colorado DOT Pilot/Escort Flagger Certification is accepted in every state that requires Pilot/Escort Certification, with the exceptions of New York and North Carolina

How long is your Colorado Certification valid?
Your CDOT Pilot/Escort Certification card is valid for a term of 4 years. You may obtain an additional 4 year certification by completing the re-certification program. 

Colorado Requirements

1- Must be 18 years of age

2 – Hold a valid driver’s license

3 –Register and pay for a course NOTE: Only classes held in the State of Colorado are Colorado Certification Courses, all others will be Utah Certification. Class Schedule

4 – Original MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) for past 5 years

5 – Proof of Insurance that meets Colorado Requirement 500.4.3
Accord Certificate of Insurance Example

6 – You must pass the test in the class with a minimum of 80%.

What are the course fees?
The applicable fee for each location is noted when you sign up. The range for Utah Certification is $212.00 – $282.00 depending on the date you register.