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Colorado Pilot/Escort Rules and Regulations


CDOT Requirements for Pilot Escort Certification. Downloadable PDF of the most current requirements set by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Utah Pilot/Escort Rules and Regulations


Utah Department of Transportation Rules and Regulations for Pilot/Escort Certification. Downloadable PDF of most recent rules and regulations currently being in forced by the Utah Department of Transportation.

Interactive Map



An interactive map for Pilot/Escort State Driver Requirements. Shows reciprocity, insurance requirements, additional permit requirements and much more. -Last Updated June 2014  

Colorado and Utah Curfew Maps


Restriction areas and curfew times for Colorado and Utah.

Helpful Insurance Information

Insurance Info






Have questions about what kind of insurance you need as Pilot/Escort Operator? Here is some helpful information to answer questions you may be having.

Additional State Requirement Documents







Here are documents that need to be completed and submitted to various States. These are requirements in addition to holding a Pilot/Escort and Flagging Certification

Tillerman Issue



Here are documents pertaining to “tillerman” or “steerman”. These are federal regulations and any State can enforce the rules published be the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)

State DOT Directory



Need to contact different State Department of Transportation’s? Here is a directory with all the information you will need.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration 49CFR








Downloadable PDF of samples of the FMCSA 49CFR.

State Route Survey Forms








Downloadable PDF of samples of different state route survey forms. Find links to the state websites within the PDF Document.

Utah Inspection Checklist








Inspection and police escort checklist, these documents may be required when working with Utah Highway Patrol or when passing through a Utah Port of Entry.

Sign Placement Chart



A comprehensive list of all U.S. sign placement.