What should I do in the event an over-dimensional load high centers on a railroad grade crossing?

Step 1: Get all personnel out of the vehicles and away from the crossing.

Step 2: Locate the rail-grade crossing identification sign with identification number.

Step 3: Call the 1-800 number listed on the identification sign.

Step 4: If a railroad identification sign cannot be located – call 911

5: Send the pilot/escort vehicles in each direction away from the crossing to place a red burning fuses/flares or red illuminating devices in the middle of the railroad tracks a minimum of 1 mile away from the crossing.

Step 6. Shunt each and every set of tracks – if this is not done correctly, you may be sending the wrong signal to an on-coming train. If you do not know how to do this – DON’T [/EXPAND]

Emergency contact numbers for the major railroad companies:

AMTRAK: 800-832-5452                               Canadian Pacific: 800-716-9132                        Norfolk Southern: 800-453-2530

BNSF Railway: 800-832-5452                      CSX: 800-232-0144                                                 Union Pacific: 800-877-7267

Canadian National: 800-465-9239             Kansas City Southern: 877-527-9464 or 800-892-6295