RSA Network Inc. Height Pole conforms to OSHA Live-Line tool standards.  Our Height Pole is tested to 100,000 volts to be non-conductive for the entire pole and fire retardant (FR) rated fiberglass.  No other product on the market today comes close to meeting this standard. 

RSA Network is proud to introduce the first, manufactured in the U.S., Height Pole made of Non-destructive, non-conductive material for the Pilot/Escort Industry.  This product is easy to set up, lightweight and easy to store which is important, considering all of the safety equipment that a pilot car is required to carry.  The standard Height Pole comes with everything to needed to achieve 18’1″”‘ (this does not include the height from the ground to the bottom of the pole).  The Height Pole is constructed of light weight, high strength and non conductive fiberglass from the bottom to the top.  Tip flexibility is provided by utilizing a unique rubber torsion spring.  The color is permanently embedded into the fiberglass during the manufacturing process and can not be scratched off.  Changing measurement of the Height Pole is very easy and is made in increments of 6″ or 1″, and is completed by using safety fasteners.  Changing height measurements is completed by removing a safety fastener, adjusting the height and reinstalling the safety fastener.  Using these safety fasteners guarantees that the height can not change while the Height Pole  is in use.

18 Ft. Kit includes

1) 5 Ft.- 9Ft. Adjustable Section 5-9BaseSectionNew2

1) Flexible Section (rubber torsion spring)Flexible Section

1) Adjustable Tip with 2′ or 3′ SectionAdjustable Tip Section New

Height Pole base unit is constructed of 2″ by 2″ square fiberglass tubing having 1/4″ wall thickness.  Mounting of the Height Pole to any vehicle will require a hinged receiver which can be purchased at as well.



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