Re-newal, re-certification

Renew Online: The Online renewal program provides everything online that you will need to complete the entire course except a notepad and a pen.  Once you sign up and are approved for the online renewal you’ll receive an email with instructions to access the online course, you’ll receive this email within 1 business day of signing up. Within the operation of this online course, you will be provided ACCESS to the necessary referenced manuals that will be needed to complete this course.  You will be able to view these (3) manuals while taking the course but will NOT be able to print them. If you have a desire to have a printed copy of these manuals, they are available for purchase at an additional cost. The course test will be completed completely online.
Renew with DVD: The DVD version of the renewal program consists of a DVD that can be played in a DVD player or on a computer with a DVD player, a test answer sheet, and a prepaid envelope for mailing the materials. During the operation of the DVD, the test questions will be displayed, you will be provided with a test answer sheet that must be completed and returned to our office for final grading, along with the DVD. A prepaid envelope will be included in your package to return these items. During the DVD course, you will be required to also use 3 reference manuals  which are listed below. If you don’t have these you’ll need to additionally purchase them.
*July 2016 State by State Manual $25.00
* Utah/Colorado Rules/Regulations and Misc. Documents Dated January 2016 $22.00
*Pilot Escort Driver Training Manual Dated 2014 or newer $34.00

Whether you choose the online or DVD option you’ll need the following 3 books: July 2016 State by State Manual, Utah/Colorado Rules/Regulations and Misc. Documents Manual, and the Pilot Escort Driver Training Manual. The books will be available digitally for the online option at no additional fee, if you would like to purchase hard copies please indicate by selecting which book(s) you’d like.

The fee is due at the time of registration and we will not send any materials via email or mail until the fee is paid in full. The course fee is $145.00 for online or DVD version. If you wish to purchase the additional books fees will apply and will be indicated on the next screen.

You have 30 days from the expiration of your Utah DOT certification to sign up for the re-certification. If you exceed 30 days without signing up, you will be required to attend a classroom certification and you will no longer be eligible for the re-certification at this time. NOTE: Your certification expires on the date it specifies on your card, this is just the time allotted to sign up for the program; it does not extend your certification.

RSA Network Inc. currently has your photo on file from the original course. If you are interested in having a new photo on your card, you must submit this electronically. The requirements are the following: photo from shoulders up, the photo must be of good quality and no smaller than 2.5”x2.5” and no larger than 5”x5”, it must be submitted as a jpg. or bmp. image. You will need to email the photo to The photo needs to be a “passport” type photo and will be rejected if it’s not submitted in that format.

In order to prevent the fraudulent creation of cards we require a signature, you will need to submit this to RSA Network Inc. prior to your Utah DOT Pilot/Escort and Flagger Certification being mailed to you. This can be faxed, mailed, or emailed to RSA Network Inc. Utah DOT requires that you have a current valid driver’s license. You will need to submit a copy of your MVR (Motor Vehicle Report).This needs to be for the past three years, and no older than 30 days. We will not send you a new certification until you submit this to our office.

If either a current MVR and/or the signature are not submitted, you will not be issued a new certification.

When do I renew my Utah or Colorado Pilot/Escort Certification?
You can renew your certification 60 days prior to expiration. -NOTICE: We are no longer mailing notification cards, it is your responsibility to maintain your certification.

How much is it to re-certify?
The re-certification fee is $145.00
Additional Fees if you choose:
*July 2017 State by State Manual $25.00
*Utah/Colorado Rules/Regulations and Misc. Documents Dated January 2016 $22.00
*Pilot Escort Driver Training Manual Dated 2014 or newer $34.00

What are the requirements to re-certify?

1. Valid Driver’s License
2. Submit registration form
3. Must hold a Utah Certification
4. Original MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) for past 3 years
UDOT MVR Release Form

1. Valid Driver’s License
2. Submit registration form
3. Original MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) for past 5 years
CDOT MVR Release From
4. Must hold a Colorado Certification
4. Proof of Insurance that meets Colorado Requirement 500.4.3
Accord Certificate of Insurance Example

To register click one of the two options below for Utah or Colorado:

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