Utah Pilot/Escort and Flagger Certification

Where is Utah Certification accepted?
Utah DOT Pilot/Escort Certification is accepted in every state that requires Pilot/Escort Certification, with the exception of New York

How long is your Utah Certification valid?
Your UDOT Pilot/Escort and Flagger Certification card is valid for a term of 4 years. You may obtain an additional 4 year certification by completing the re-certification program.

Requirements to become certified:
1 – Must be 18 years of age

2 – Hold a v alid Driver’s License

3 –Register and pay for a course Class Schedule  

4 – Original MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) for past 3 years which can be submitted at the class

5- You must pass the test in the class with a minimum of 80%.

What are the course fees?
The applicable fee for each location is noted when you sign up. The range for Utah Certification is $231.00-$322.00 depending on the date you register and the location you choose to attend.  Payment can be paid via credit card online or you can call RSA Network Inc. and arrange to pay with a company check or credit card.